Department store

In this article, I will be introducing the place I highly recommend going. This article might be for those of you who have been to Japan many times and want to find new places.


The first place I recommend is a department store. In Japan, there are several department stores located in many places in Japan. The famous department stores, such as "Mitsukoshi," "Isetan," "Takashimaya," are located mainly in Tokyo. At these places, they have a wide range of products and most of them are high quality. Therefore, prices are generally expensive. However, I highly recommend going there because you could feel the "omotenashi" which is usually translated as hospitality and this means attentiveness to the needs of others. The sales clerk will wrap the products neatly, and  when it is raining, they will put a cover on the shopping bags from getting the products wet.

At the department store, I would highly recommend visiting the delicatessen section. This place is usually located on the basement floor of the department store. There are many delicious delicatessens such as sushi, salads, traditional Japanese snacks and more. Since there are many foods at this place, you could feel, taste, smell the delicious Japanese food at one place. Moreover, you could buy some souvenir at this delicatessen section. There are traditional Japanese snacks, and they are usually individually wrapped, so they are suitable for a little gift to give to your friends.


This is just a sneak peek of department stores in Japan. There are many other sections to go and look in the department stores. If you have time to visit Japan, please visit department stores in Japan!